Heel Off Shoes

- Office

- Shining

- Wild

- Boot



- Slim

- Flat

- Tall

- High


High Heel Shoes

- Angel

- Bling Bling

- Double Rainbow

- Rainbow

- Bird Nest

- Web

- Elegance

- Pearl

- Heavy Metal

- Metal Flower

- Classic


Medium Heel Shoes

- Zircon

- Jelly Bean

- Bead

- Open


Low Heel Shoes

- Planet

- Ring

- Chain


Flexible Shoes

- Art

- Color Base

- Pattern

- Flag

- Plain

- Family

- Child



- Tops

- Dresses

- Bikini



- Nano Water

- Leather Clean Cream

- Leather Polish



Q. Can all heel off shoes heights fit on all your pairs of shoes?

Ans: Yes, our heel off shoes are multi height so you can change your heels from a high to a low with just a click of a button.


Q. Can I wear the shoe without a heel?

Ans: No. It is not possible to wear the shoe without a heel.


Q. Are taxes included in the price?

Ans: No taxes if you buy online.


Q. Where do you ship?

Ans: Lofuland ships national and international.


Q. Is shipping included in the price?

Ans: Shipping fee is free of charge in Hong Kong, Out of Hong Kong,  shipping fee is extra, we offer two rates - Standard and Courier, please contact us at for information.


Q. What currency are you prices?

Ans: All shoes and heels are priced in United States Dollars.


Q. What is your exchange policy?

Ans: Our return policy is exchange or credit note only. Merchandise must be unworn and returned in original condition and packaging within 7 days. All sales merchandise are final sales.


Q. Can I place a special order?

Ans: Yes. Please contact us at


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